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Sunday 18 August 2019
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About HB


Haitian Businesses is an online advertising company founded in March 2014 by Sandra P.  The company’s main purpose is to promote Haitian Owned Businesses and professionals. We are dedicated to provide a platform in which small business owners, established businesses and professionals can grow.   We offer a unique approach in our services with the primary goal of implementing a network to connect the Haitian Community through their businesses.

To aspire, connect and achieve are key elements shared by the businesses featured on this page. While exploring this site you will find a variety of services and events made available to strengthen the Haitian businesses and ultimately the Haitian  community.


My name is Sandra P.  I’m a wife, mother of 2 , entrepreneur and a proud Haitian. I grew up in Cap Haitien, Haiti and left the country at age 15. Having the privilege to grow up in Haiti, play a major role on my view and love of the country. As a student, having to raise the flag and sing the national anthem ” La Dessalinienne” every morning before entering class instilled in me an enormous amount of pride. The appreciation I developed for my country always had me thinking of a way to give back. I am fulfilling that purpose by supporting the Haitian Businesses. With a background in Business Administration from Lynn University, running this company became second nature to me.  I have also worked in local government administration for over 13 years. I found strength and comfort through God and those whom I cherish. 

Everyone who knows me personally, will tell you that I’m always there helping in some way or another. That’s one of the source of my inspiration to start what was then just an Instagram page.  In late 2013 after some research and couldn’t find an institution who was actively supporting Haitian Businesses in the diaspora and back in Haiti . That was the motivation that sparked the Haitian Businesses movement. After a few months the Instagram page became extensively popular through social network among the Haitian Community. My goal is for this website is to be the bridge who connect our Haitian Businesses and professionals with the community.  We have so many talented individuals among us and the lack of information have prevented us from knowing of each other’s existence. Supporting an promoting Haiti’s rich culture and tourism in my opinion is a civil duty.
Haiti, for over 3 decades received mostly bad press through the media. With the help of technology, these days with a computer or mobile device we can be the media Haiti needs, in fact we are the change Haiti needs. Supporting each other is living by our motto ” L’Union Fait La Force” we can create tremendous success not only for our businesses, for ourselves as well as for Haiti.






Sandra P.