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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Category: Haitian Women in Business

Haitian Food Catering in Sweden by Kay Sandra Catering

Meet Marie Sandra proud owner of Kay Sandra Haitian Cuisine Catering. The one and only catering company bringing Haitian Cuisine to...

Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Sunblondy Hector-Daniel

There is one thing the Haitian community does not lack, and that is strong women. We have many women in all sorts of sectors in business...

Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Ketia Fequiere

Ketia Fequiere We have the pleasure to introduce you to a Haitian Woman in Business who means business. Let us introduce you to Ketia...

Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Cindy Lafalaise

Last year in March 2016 we brought you a list of  exceptional Haitian women in Business. This year

Caribbrew: Providing Haiti’s Premium Coffee Internationally

There is something special and unique about coffee that were grown on Haiti’s mountain tops. Enjoyed by the

The Designer Women in Business have been Waiting For: Merline Labissiere

Eye catching and on the edge of fashion are what comes to mind when we’re talking about Merline Labissiers designs, Born in Miami,...