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Tuesday 16 July 2019
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Category: HB Blog

Haitian Women in History: Henriette Saint-Marc

Henriette Saint Marc Perhaps you’ve never heard of her. However during her life she marked Haitian history indefinitely. Who was...

Haitian Women in History: Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière

Who is Marie-Jeanne? Not much is known about Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière, not even when she was born or died. The formerly enslaved mulatto...

Learn How to Write Your Business Plan and You Might Win $5000 With Power Up Kreyol

Power Up Kreyol is Back! This is the perfect opportunity to take your business to next level. Learn how to write your business plan and you...

Bring Lights To Those Living Without Electricity In Haiti

We have joined the team that will go to the Haiti later this this year to

Kirk Franklin and Maggie Blanchard in Haiti for the 7th Anniversary of Haiti’s Earthquake

  Today,  January 12, 2017 marks the 7th Anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took the lives of hundreds of thousands,...

$10,000 Available in Grant Money For Mom and Pop Small Businesses

We recently found out about this excellent opportunity and we couldn’t help but to share it with you. $10,000.00 is available