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Sunday 22 September 2019
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An Opportunity To Join Haiti’s Economic Growth: Konsome Lokal

If you’ve always wanted to have a positive impact economically in Haiti, here is an opportunity you can’t resist. We were recently in contact with the founders of the Konsome Lokal and this movement requires an effort from each Haitian. You have to know what it’s all about in order to share it with friends and do your part towards the progress of Haiti.


Groupe Style Communications(GSC) opened its doors in 2005 in Montreal. Following several trips to Haiti, the company leaders decided to open an office in Haiti in 2013. GSC services are tailored to the needs of the clients and the company is offering a range of communication and marketing services. GSC aims to have the best possible impact in various domains such as developing capacity, developing new communications tools, built new strategies and increasing efficiency at every level.


Since the opening of its offices Haiti, the company has managed a variety of projects; Desperados & Heineken social media campaign, Dîner en Blanc, Burger Week, Karibe Hôtel, Les Affaires Haiti, REBO, Total Haiti, E-Power, Unibank, to name of few.  GSC works hard to deliver successful results; it is resourceful, innovative and agile in its implementation. One day we decided to create a project which would help the local economy, this is when we decided to create Konsome Lokal. It was first a personal need. We wanted to find a way to support local products and company by buying locally. It was a bit difficult to find the products and more about them. That is when the idea of the platform emerge.



Meet The Founders

IMG_2058Nathalie Angibeau is known as a talent manager. She had the opportunity to manage several ambitious projects in various fields: communications, public relations and project management. She has worked as press liason for the Canadian Minister and manage several communication campaign in Montreal. She arrived in Haiti in 2010; she has worked in several public health communication campaigns and was responsible for implementing communication and management training in precarious neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince. Nathalie has a degree in communication as well as a MBA from McGill University.


Carla Beauvais has a degree in communications with a major in journalism. She has over ten years of experience in communication, media relations and event organization. In 2005, she founded Groupe Style Communications in Montreal. Under her leadership, the company has been very successful and has accumulated prestigious portfolio. Since 2013, she shares her passion for communications between Montreal and Haiti with Groupe Style Communications new Port-au-Prince’s office. Carla has also coordinated various projects for the Ministry of Tourism  of Haiti and implemented the marketing department for the Karibe Hotel.

Catch our interview with the founders of Konome Lokal


How did you come up with the concept for Konsome lokal?

During 2015, we decided to develop an initiative to create social awareness among the population about the importance of consuming local products.   Using a web platform, an intensive media campaign and other activities we want to introduce to the population the companies and entrepreneurs that produce 100% Made in Haiti products and consequently boost the economy. Through this platform, we hope to inspire the population to be proud of local production and change the consumer habits. We want Konsome Lokal to become the reference and leader in promoting local products.  Furthermore, we also anticipate to create a synergy with members of the platform.


Do you run across some challenges in operating your company? How do you tackle them?


We constantly have challenges, such as the lack of funds.  This situation create difficulties to move the project faster. Therefore, we decided to establish a 3 years action plan and we are currently creating partnerships which help the growth of the Konsome lokal program.


When did you realize that the Importance of Konsome Lokal and its impact on Haiti? 

For the past decade the Haitian economy has decline, one the main factors of this situation is that Haiti barely produce any goods.   Most of the products are imported. Therefore, if Haitian would start to consume local product, this would have positive effects on the Haitian economy such as development of economy, job creation, poverty reduction, violence reduction and financial independence.


What would you say to someone who’s reading about Konsome Lokal for the first time. Why should he/she wants to join the movement.

It’s usually little things that make the difference.  Imagine that 25 %, 30 %, 50 % of the Haitian population start consuming local products.  This simple action would have a direct impact on the economy. If the Diaspora also helped in this movement by buying products Made in Haiti the impact would be very positive for the country. More job, less poverty, less crime to name a few.

What gives you the biggest satisfaction as the co-founder of Konsome Lokal? 

It’s pretty simple. Be able to help others ! It’s the essence of what drives me every day. And with this project, we see how members are excited and proud of the channel with put together.


Here are a few brands who are using lokal products

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What’s next for your brand?

For the platform to become the top Made in Haiti directory, we will continue to promote the site, recruit new members and add other innovative elements with the desire to offer multipe services to our members.  Currently, we have sixty members the majority coming from the Artibonite and the West Departments. Therefore, we must visit other departments and meet other entrepreneurs. This year we aspire to have 70 new members. For 2017 and 2018 we aim to increase the number of members by 20% yearly.  In late 2017, early 2018 we want to add a new feature to the website which enable customers to purchase goods directly from the platform. Each year Konsome lokal will do an awareness campaign so that the movement to consume local products becomes a habit among the population. The campaign will be done in the month of May, considering that May 1st is the Agriculture and Labor Day celebration. Since agriculture is a big part of Konsome lokal movement we find appropriate to combine the two. It’s certain that we will always be present in the media; however, during this month more intensive promotion will be implemented.-


For the progress of the project and to ensure that the movement Konsome Lokal can reach the maximum of people, we will establish agreements with various partners including chambers of commerce, supermarkets, hotels and more.


We did a  6minutes video to tackle the issues of local production. But we want to do a feature documentary to go deeper and bring more light on the issues and how we can find solutions for them.


 How do you spread the word about Konsome Lokal?


From May to December 2016,Konsome Lokal will undertake an unprecedented awareness campaign through the use of media outlets and social networks. Seven official ambassadors are committed to this campaign: Carel Pedre (radio personality at Radio One), Fabiola Coupet (radio host at Radio One), Valérie Louis (director of the Tourism Association of Haiti), Gérald Chéry (lead singer of K- Zino), Carolyn Desert (Haiti Miss World 2014), actress Gessica Geneus and Chef Natacha Gomez.  These personalities are very well known public figures. They will be able to promote this new initiative and they will also interact with the public by testing the platform products and opening a dialogue on the importance of Konsome Lokal.




Promotional film

A promotional video was made to introduce this new initiative.  The movie showcases images of several companies, men and women who work to create local products. The movie shows the importance of consuming local products for food security and job creation for the recovery of Haitian economy. This short movie will support the awareness campaign. Directed by Yvetot Gouin (Gouin and Consulting Films), the images captured by the director are comprised of original music composed by Yohann Doré and sensitive yet powerful storytelling by Géraldine Piquion. The film makes an appeal to Haiti and the Haitian to realize the wealth of the country, the need to take action and to find solutions to everyday challenges. It’s a unifying message that demonstrates the importance of solidarity within the Haitian society.



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