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Friday 14 December 2018
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Breast Cancer: Early Detection Saved My Life


Many would have never guessed it, nonetheless I had an extremely close encounter with breast cancer. It has been a real struggle for me to share this private part of my life with you. However, just like I randomly read about self examination and went ahead and did it, it actually saved my life.

Preparation to attend college, my next outfit, my favorite color lip gloss were things I thought about on a daily basis as a 10th grader in high school. One spring day I accompanied my mother to a doctor’s appointment. In the waiting room next to where I was seating I picked up a brochure just to do some random reading. The brochure was from the American Cancer Society about self examination to detect abnormalities in the breast. According to the brochure’s title “EARLY DETECTION SAVE LIVES”, I took it home with every intention to just learn how to practice my self examination properly. That evening I proceeded to perform the steps from the brochure and I detected a few lumps. At first I said to myself this is not really happening, I was in a state of denial for few days. A week later they were still there, I finally decided to share the news with my mother. she wasted no time in scheduling a doctor’s appointment for me and having to wait 3 days for date appointment felt like 3 years.

Upon a quick exam my doctor confirmed hey were indeed several lumps and further tests and exams were needed to get to the root of problem. My priorities changed in a seconds.  My life took a serious turn after I received the results confirming I had not 1, not 2 but 9 breast tumors also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm .

My doctor could not get over the fact that I was able to detect them on my own and encouraged me through a journey which made me see life differently. I was informed that my lumps were the perfect combination for I would have been a Breast Cancer patient. Later that summer,  after several office visits and tests a surgery date was scheduled to have the breast lumps removed.

The surgery was very successful and I was placed in high alert to  continue my self examinations ad to constantly follow up wit doctors as I was told the breast lumps will return. I’m overjoyed to say that it has been over 15 years since my surgery and by God’s grace they have not returned. A monthly self exam  is necessary no matter your age.

I decided to share this with you today because breast cancer is very real and very true and just like early detection saved my life it could help save yours or loved ones. I too used to think it was an issue just for women but it is also detected in men. Click here to read more. Feel free to share this and encourage someone to be examined today.