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Sunday 15 September 2019
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Support Elan Haiti and Contribute to Sustainability in Haiti

Support youth empowerment in Haiti by helping 100 competitively selected young people connect with the world to:

1- Discuss critical Haitian issues,
2- Build sustainable projects
3-Network and make social impact?

What is Elan Haiti?


Elan Haiti, 2016 (EH-2016) is a Groupe ECHO Haiti project that is formed from a series of reflections, lectures, tours, workshops and round tables then devoted to a profound, sincere, engaged discussion, on Haiti among 100 competitively selected young students, active leaders and entrepreneurs from Haiti, its diaspora and the international community onAgriculture, Employment, Technology and Climate Change with the greatest experts and influential personalities in the above fields from Haiti and around the world.

Beyond than trying to put Haiti under an artificially positive light, Elan Haiti aims to reveal the potential of unifying the youth through networking and the creation of concrete projects that will be implemented in Haiti by the participants of the forum 1 year after the event with the support of the Directorate of Support to Youth Initiatives (DSIJ) of Group ECHO Haiti.


About Elan Haiti 2016 Event

It is the second international youth symposium to be held in Port-au-Prince Haiti August 13th-16th 2016.

On the eve of the 225th anniversary of the ceremony of bois caiman; a ceremony that gave birth to the solidarity and unity among the oppressed of the island in search of freedom and that has led to the independence of our nation; it is important to revive that same spirit among Haitians from across the globe; the value of solidarity, unity and, above all, passion for relevant and organized action. Union is the cornerstone on which lays the foundations of the Haitian nation, as stipulated in its motto, “unity is strength”. Thus, we should seek to revive this union among Haitians if we want to positively influence the future of Haiti.



If several attempts have been made to improve the low level of the development of Haiti, the contribution of youth is hardly sought after to take lasting  actions to impact and impact actions. That is why, in 2014, Group ECHO Haiti organized an international event to raise the “youth” voice: Elan-Haiti 2014.  The results[1] which culminated from this event encourage its re edition in 2016.

In today’s world characterized by a younger population, globalization and technology, youths have been highly empowered and have become an important and effective agent of change. What future do they see for Haiti? What could be their contributions? How can they be involved and for what result? What support should they be given to achieve their full potential? ELAN Haiti is a symposium that meets every two (2) years to uncover the best potentials of young people aware of the Haitian issues and that facilitates the design and the implementation of joint youth led action projects for the development of a country with an already immense potential: a new Elan (Momentum)!

Meet the Team Behind Elan Haiti



Join the Elanistes on August 13-16, 2016 at Karibe Hotel 


Support Elan Haiti and empower the youth in this incredible movement

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