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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Kreyol Lessons for Ages 7-11


The Haitian American Connections (HACC ) is a non profit organization that connects Haitian Americans to each other in order to serve one another and our community with pride and for success.  They  offer youth and elder programs to improve the community here in South Florida and around the diaspora. HACC also hosts cultural events and travel to showcase the energy and artistry of the Haitian culture.



Course Description and Details

It’s time to take the best part of Haitian culture, the KREYOL language – its playfulness, its richness, its beauty – AND PASS IT ON TO OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN. It is NOT enough that they understand Kreyol. Speaking and writing is an art form and an honor to their heritage. (Learning a language is also incredible for the development of both the creative AND scientific mind.) Plus and perhaps most importantly to your child, LEARNING HAITIAN KREYOL will be fun and a great way to make friends. The course runs for 8 weeks. Every week we will spend two fast-paced and exciting hours learning Kreyol and Haitian culture. With exercises in music, art, history, dance, geography, Haitian monuments, heroes, videos, movies, proverbs, and games, your child will be as much entertained as educated. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing will also be introduced. CONVERSATION will be emphasized and PRIDE CULTIVATED. All this for only $20 a 2 hour lesson or $15.00 when you pay for all 8 weeks. HURRY and sign up. Our first classes begin in Boca Raton on January 16.

Course is taught by GERD MICHEL. Haitian-born, Mr. Michel has traveled the world as an English as a Second Language teacher and has a gift for making learning a new language fun for people of all ages and cultures. The father of two young children, Mr. Michel is motivated to make learning Haitian Kreyol fun yet structured and accurate. His innovative and original curriculum includes mult-media, proverbs, stories, humor, music, dance, and visual arts to make sure the thirst for learning the language increases with experience rather than goes away.


Click HERE to sign up your little ones and give them the ultimate gift.


Photo Credit : Ayitattoo