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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Kathleen of Luxe LeBlanc A Young Haitian Entrepreneur Making Waves

Today we would like to introduce you to a young blogger, entrepreneur and fashionista to name a few of the many titles about this Haitian Woman in business who is determined to make a name for herself. She has been featured on The Today Show on NBC as a model on several occasions with her most recent appearance being on January,6, 2016. Watch the clip of her appearance on the show and get to know more about the talented mind behind her company “Luxe Le Blanc”.

Introducing Kathleen LeBlanc

My name is Kathleen LeBlanc Thomas. I am a creative with a Bachelors in Biology, turned published bridal stylist, style blogger and YouTuber. Being Haitian, I think we can all figure out why I have a science degree, haha.  I create fabulous looks out of “nothing-to-wear” but my all time favorite is preparing my clients for their red carpet moments. I am the Founder, CEO and Head Stylist at Luxe LeBlanc.  As a blogger, (“Le Blog”)I showcase style inspirations for date nights, GNO’s, special occasions and weddings. I gift one of my subscribers with a “#LuxeApproved” accessory once a month for their readership and support.


I am currently working on collaborations and content for my YouTube channel as well as covering New York Fashion Week in February. In addition, I am co-producing a show at Style Fashion Week and am seeking 1 more fabulous designer of Haitian descent to showcase this September 2016 in New York. In addition, I am a style contributor for the Haitian Times as well as a featured New York Bridal Style Vendor for MunaLuchi Bride magazine/blog.

What was the  inspiration to launch Luxe LeBlanc?

Luxe LeBlanc was conceptualized after I won the Best Style Award and 2nd Runner Up at the Miss Westchester 2012 competition. It was realized in August 2012 when I held a launch party at the Grace Hotel in Times Square. I grew up in a single parent home with a very independent, ambitious mother who taught me not to allow anything or anyone to become a barrier while achieving my goals.  Though I liked nice clothes, I was taught that brands don’t represent me but rather my choice in style does.  Even as I competed with girls whose gowns cost more than my gown, shoes, accessories, swimsuit and interview suit put together, I still came out on top with my boutique $50 dress with confidence and flair. I loved that I was able to do so much with so little and loved even more, the confidence that exuded from peers that I’d style. That’s when I knew, I had to launch Luxe LeBlanc.

Did You Face Any Challenges to Launch While Launching Your Brand?

As a young Haitian-American, I had to convince my parents that this was not a hobby but an actual career path that I had chosen.  Starting from the ground up, I faced the challenge of seeking guidance because though there are programs that can teach you about style and entrepreneurship, the experience can never be duplicated.


What is the most important thing that you learned since starting with your Company?

I’ve learned to value the smallest things that never really mattered before. For example, I’m sure we’ve all scrolled past Instagram or Facebook photos from companies in effort to avoid solicitation but I’ve learned that behind 1 single photo, is about 20 hours of work.


 Recent and/or Upcoming news about Luxe Leblanc 

Luxe LeBlanc is growing rapidly into places that I never imagined.  The power of networking is real! I am now a recurring model on the TODAY SHOW for fellow stylist Lilliana Vazquez’s Luxe for Less segment. We share the same idea that you don’t need to spend a million buck to look like it.


Kathleen’s Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

To anyone who wishes to embark on the entrepreneurial trails, do it for the love of what you do.  Understand that behind the glitz and glamour is a lot of sacrifice. Be honest, work harder than you think you can, make Google your best friend, find a mentor, eliminate those who don’t believe in your vision, network with people at all levels (no one is beneath you or too “famous,” we’re all human), set your annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and achieve them. Last but not least, have faith. because there will be plenty of times that you feel like nothing’s happening, know that your hard work is working behind the scenes and God is up to something.


Visit Kathleen’s website www.luxeleblanc.com and  PRESS KIT for more details and follow the links to Luxe Le Blanc social media site on  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

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