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Sunday 25 August 2019
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1804: The Hidden Story of Haiti

The story of how Haiti obtained its freedom is a must see. The unprecedented accomplishments of the slaves who became the leaders of a free Haiti is beyond inspiring. The producer of Hidden Colors Tariq Nasheed, has launched an indiegogo campaign to obtain supporters in order to release the documentary film in the fall of 2017 about the Haitian Revolution.


1804: The Hidden History of Haiti

1804: The Hidden History of Haiti is a documentary film by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. He is the producer of the #1 selling African history documentary series Hidden Colors. The new film 1804 talks about the untold history of Haiti and the Haitian revolution, which was the most successful slave rebellion in history.

For years, certain people in Hollywood have tried to come up with the resources to do a film about the Haitian revolution, but they were halted by different challenges because of the controversial subject matter. But we feel that the unknown history of Haiti should be uncovered and taught to a global generation of people who will see the perseverance of the Haitian people as a source of inspiration.  This is the first time a documentary film has gone in depth into the history of Haiti, and the film will also explore the real reasons for the current state of Haiti.

Funding raised for this film will help cover production, on-location travel costs, elaborate reenactment scenes, and post production costs.

So get involved, and become a part of history, and contribute to the production of 1804 today!


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