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Friday 14 December 2018
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Haiti to Launch its First Satellite in Space in Partnership with Space Chain

A major breaking news at the Haiti Tech Summit. It will impact the Caribbean nation as the one to keep an eye our for when it comes to tech world. SpaceChain has announced a partnership with the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) to accelerate the Haitian Space Agency (HSA) in the development of Haiti’s first ever satellite. The announcement was made on June 23rd, 2018 at the Haiti Tech Summit.  The satellite has the potential to improve communication, transportation, infrastructure, argriculute, etc. Haiti is entering SPACE. 

During the announcement Einstein Ntim Founder of Ghana’s Tech Summit also added this comment “Haiti spent so much after the disaster on leasing satellites for recovery efforts … that we could have built our own satellite program”. This project is set to be a historic moment for the entire Caribbean region and … Continue reading 


About Zheng

Zuo Zheng is the Co-founder and CEO of SpaceChain. He is an early adopter in Bitcoin and Blockchain, with a strong belief that the combination of space and blockchain technology will broaden the frontier of future economy and make seamless global collaboration possible. M.A. Columbia University. Alumni of Draper University.

About Space Chain

SpaceChain, a space exploration initiative based on human consensus, is striving to seek the consensus which can effectively encourage human beings to spontaneously engage in outer space activities. SpaceChain intends to find this consensus by achieving the following 3 goals

1.To make space serve our earth better

2.To make the space industry more accessible for normal people

3.To make space exploration sustainable and extend knowledge of space constantly.

Left to right: Christine Ntim Souffrant, Founder of Haiti Tech Summit – Jack Dorsey Co-Founder of Twitter & Square- Zuo Zheng Co-Founder of Space Chain – Einstein Ntim Founder of Ghana Tech Summit

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