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Sunday 25 August 2019
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La Bataille de Vertières 


Bataille de Vetières by Ulrick Jean Pierre

 La Bataille de Vertières is a crucial day if not the most important in the history of Haiti’s independence. At 9 years old I clearly remembered learning about this historic battle from which the first black independent republic was born, Haiti. Fascinated by the way Capois, Dessalines et Rochambeau led the battle while  I was learning and studying this battle, my memories of this victorious day instilled in me the pride of being born from this nation. 
The battle of Vertières took place on November 18, 1803 at Vertières near Cap-Haitien, was a major battle of the second war of  Haiti’s independence and marked the end of the revolution. The Haitians with so little was able to defeat the French who at that time were considered the strongest army in the world. 

Haiti will forever be known as the First Independent Black Nation in the world. After the battle, the news echoed around the world and the brave men and warriors of Haiti were sought after and inspired neighboring countries.

As a native of Cap-Haïtien who resided at Vertières it felt like I relived the story daily. Everyday, I passed by the monuments installed in commemoration of this epic battle took place and make me pride to be from this great nation… Haïti.