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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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New Haitian Show on Disney Channel

It has been a long time coming however  with the help of social media the Haitian culture is being exposed to some who wouldn’t have the opportunity to be exposed to it. Disney Channel apparently is picking up on the trend that the rest of the world need to know about Haiti’s rich culture. A show on the major network with the main character of Haitian descent is a major breakthrough for Haiti and Haitians around the world.


Disney Channel, looking to drive young viewers to digital destinations in the last weeks of summer vacation, is launching a block of 12 short-form movies on its ad-supported online services and YouTube. The films are debuting under the “Free Period” rubric on the Disney Channel website, mobile apps and connected-TV devices starting Friday, Aug. 5. (“Free Period” also is the title of one of the short movies, divided into four parts.) The movies also will roll out daily on Disney Channel’s YouTube channel from Aug. 5 through Aug. 18.


Among the 12 short form  movies Disney Channel is playing “Exchange”. It’s about a teen girl of Haitian descent  Carla Jefferey who plays the character of Brigette who suggests that her classmates spend a week at each other’s houses instead when their study abroad program is cancelled. Actress Dahéli Hall (“MADtv”) serves as writer and director. On the cast, we also have the familiar face of actress Karina Bonnefil who plays Granmè. As Brigette parents we have Yvans Jourdain as “Jean” her father and Nakia Secrest as Marlene her mother. Several aspect of the Haitian culture were displayed on the episode.


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