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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Toms… Contributing to Sustainability in Haiti


Haiti Collective for Toms designed by Lyonel Pierre-Louis


828a654df4ee9770e3c38452fd9cb80ec16bd38cTOMS is committed to creating jobs through shoe production and design in Haiti to help the Haitian people strengthen their economy. Through the TOMS Haiti Artist Collective, TOMS works with local artists who hand-paint limited edition men’s and women’s classics, providing a global canvas to bring the beauty of Haitian culture worldwide. With every TOMS product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.

Haitians embody the word “perseverance.” No matter what happened in the past, people will continually have faith that tomorrow will be a better day…and they strive to achieve that. The country and people are vibrant. There are unbelievable organizations like TOMS Giving Partners IMA World Health and Partners In Health who couple our shoes with medical distributions and education opportunities to help provide incentive for those to live healthier lives and stay in school. Local artisans and business are popping up, like Caribbean Craft, where local artisans create vibrant papier-mâché products all while playing music, laughing and joking with one another.
Amir, Director of Giving Operations Toms.

Meet Some of  the Artists

Murat starting painting when he was 10 years old and working with TOMS allows him to be a full-time artist. He hopes to use the income he makes to build a house for himself and his pregnant wife. Murat stated in the future he’d love to teach children how to paint so they can help support their families as well.

Frantz is a successful artist in Haiti whose paintings have been sold as far as Guadeloupe. He loves working with TOMS because he feels it gives him a stable work environment.

For as long as Duré can remember, art has been his passion. Since 1994, he has been painting professionally to support his four younger brothers and two children.

Individually hand-painted by an artist from the Haiti Artist Collective, so no two pairs are exactly the same. Featuring a unique island-inspired design, these Classics are only sold online and at TOMS stores. Visit Haiti Collective from Toms and check out these unique designs.