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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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6 Year Old Nivea Wrote a Book To Teach Her 3 Year Old Sister The Alphabets


N is for Nivea

Nivea Smothers was born in Lakeland, FL, now reside in Atlanta. Parents Vershumn and Carline Smothers, older brother Trae and younger sister Kendall.
Nivea enjoys reading, writing, singing, playing the guitar, and art.
After years of watching her mother work from home, at the age of five Nivea tells her mother, she too will work from home one day.
Nivea’s mother Carline, has self published two children’s books, and started the ZOE BEAUTEE Little Reader’s Collection, a children’s book series which teaches the richness of the Haitian culture. (From a Haitian American standpoint) Nivea became the voice over for the books 2D character animation (created by Bartoon Animate) speaking English and a little Haitian Creole as well.
Nivea was so inspired at the age six to write a book of her own. When Nivea’s mother asked her what made her write the alphabet book? Her explanation was simple, “to teach Kendall (her three year old sister) the alphabets. Nivea hopes to inspire young writers all over the world.
A minimum of 150 books must be preordered in order to send this creature ce book to the printer. 135 more books must be ordered. Click here to preorder and support this Haitian – American princess to get the books in your hands.
 Connect with Nivea on Instagram at @n_is_for_Nivea