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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Artistik Crafts – Impeccable Presentation

As much as I love promoting our Haitian businesses, entrepreneurs and new products, I often have to spend countless hours trying to help some business owners to better present their products or services. When it comes to your business no matter what I say or how many times I promote it the way you present your business is the number one key that will attract potential clients.


Today, I would like to present to you Artistik Crafts . A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this page on Instagram and it automatically captured my attention. From bottle décor (which is new to me) to custom earrings to t-shirts to express yourself, Artistik Crafts is definitely a company on the rise. The way this artist presents her products will definitely spark the interest of  prospective customers. Learn more about this young, beautiful and talented entrepreneur behind this company.

I’m Maybeline from Okap (Cap-Haitien). My husband and I are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I currently own two companies: Artistik Crafts, a gift shop of unique home decor and jewelry and CAS Xpress, a 6 year old shipping company located in Hollywood Fl. I’m passionate about what I do and I’m always looking for ways to improve my products and my service. Artistik Crafts is my way of sharing my creativity with the world. I never know where my imagination will lead me but intend to keep it interesting.

Artistik Crafts is a gift shop. I currently make Home Decor using recyclable items such a empty glass bottles, CDs bottle caps, wine corks and so on. I also make Jewelry that are somewhat unique or different using wine corks, fabric, bottle caps and wood. Last but not least, I design T-shirts.


– What motivated you the start the products.
Every year I find myself a new hobby to keep me busy. Last year, I was looking for Do-it-Yourself home decor for my house. My friend, Angie Bell, once told me that I should paint my wine bottles and I decided to give it a try. I got bored with the painting after 1 day so I went online and saw the option of wrapping them with yarn. I gave it a try, loved the result and got really creative with it. Once I posted pictures on Facebook, my friends wanted to buy them so I put them up for sale. I already have a shipping company and the possibility of running two businesses never crossed my mind. However, I started getting messages, phone calls and texts, from friends, acquaintances, parents and even strangers  telling me not to give up and that I was doing a great job with my bottles. Their encouraging words kept me motivated and God gave me the courage I needed to run both CAS Xpress and Artistik Crafts.

– How long have you been making them?
I started wrapping my bottles in yarn in November 2014. It started with the bottles only. I then later introduced some wall decor to go along with the bottles, jewelry made out of recyclable materials and t-shirts.

– How much do you hope to see your business grow?
I set no limit for myself but I’m still learning a lot about this type of business. However, I am dedicated to Artistik Crafts, I’m always looking for ways to improve my products and I intend to go really far with it.

To all the business owners, remember presentation is key. This is your chance to give you clients a first impression of your products/business/service. Maybeline, keep up the great work, it is worth it to dedicate the extra time to present you business at its best.

To support this Haitian business and young entrepreneur click here. If you’re in South Florida you can purchase Maybeline’s products and meet her at the Made It My Self Fair this Saturday May 30th at Little Haiti’s Caribbean Market Place 5925NE 2 Avenue Miami FL 33137. Come out and support!