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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Belle Vue Tours Takes Over our Instagram Account

The season of giving is here and what better way to continue the promotion of Haitian owned Businesses directly to you other than an Instagram Take Over. Over the next few weeks, the Gold Members of the Haitian Businesses Directory will be taking over our most popular social media platform.

We kick off the Take Over sessions with Belle Vue Tours. Friday December 16, 2016 Guerline Emmanuel Managing Director of Belle Vue Tours will take over our Instagram from 6:00pm – 11:59pm.  Belle Vue Tours is a company who for many years has been providing customized and annual tours to Haiti. Their main focus is to bring out Haiti’s culture and history to the guests on tour.

You’ll get to meet the owners in depth, you will also learn much about their business. Below are the owners of Belle Vue Tours captured in the middle of what they do best (touring Haiti).  Meet the sensational couple behind Belle Vue Tours Guerline T. and Hogarth Emmanuel.



We had a chance to ask Guerline Emmanuel a few questions about her company and you too can get a pick inside Belle Vue Tours.


What motivated you to start your business?

“A few years back our family was growing and we realized we were traveling to other countries without knowing half of our own. We always traveled with our boys to Haïti and we wanted to do more than just sit in the house for 2-3 weeks. We wanted them to have a foundation of their history and their ancestors. Our oldest has been going back since he turned one and the youngest one since six and we’ve always made it a point to visit at least once a year. The oldest one has a good grasp of Haïti; however the first time our youngest went, he was impressed with the Citadelle and everything he saw. He turned around one day and told us that he never knew Haïti was a paradise and it was better than Hawaii or any other place he saw on TV. Our journey began”.

 As a Haitian woman in business, what are the challenges you faced as a business
owner and how do you overcome them?

“As a woman in business my biggest challenge is to be taken seriously, and be seen as someone that is knowledgeable about my business and a change maker in the industry. I’ve overcome any negative opinion by being professional, courteous and accessible. My work from conception to implementation speaks for itself and is the strongest arsenal I have at my disposable. The products and services we offer are ones we actually execute over and over again on our own before we are comfortable with selling it to our clients. What ever package Belle Vue Tours is selling, you can be confident that it is with reliable subcontractors on the ground that meet our highest standard of service”.

How does your business relates to Haiti or the Haitian community?

” Creating Belle Vue Tours, we wanted to not only have a company that will benefit us, but also have an impact in the lives of our fellow Haitians. We work closely with Haitian own businesses to create our logo, tour emblem, marketing materials etc. such as M. Joane Pillard https://www.behance.net/mjoanepillard and Kervin Andre of @akomicsart http://www.spreesy.com/akomicsart. These two individuals have been instrumental in developing the art and graphics behind the face of Belle Vue Tours. It is also crucial for us to work with local Haitian own businesses in Haiti from our Tour Directors, bust drivers, hotels, restaurants, and local artists to support and directly impact the economy in Haiti. Our goal is to contribute to changing the image of our country. We go to great lengths to research Haïti and its unforgettable contribution to the world; we use all social media tools available to promote and educate the public (our potential clients). It is time that Haiti and her children tell her story on our terms”.

In your opinion, why is it important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses ?

” I believe first and foremost we should have a product worth supporting. When we use our skills, education, and experience to sell a worthwhile product, I believe the Haitian community who has always unite behind its own will automatically support. I believe 2010 was a wake up call for us, unlike our parents that migrated in the 60’s from Haïti, we are always hearing they will go back when the country is better. We’ve realized we are the ones that have to contribute to that change if we want it to happen. If we want a different tomorrow we have to do the work that is required today here and back home to make that change a reality”.

We had the privilege of partaking in the Christophienne Tour 2016 by Belle Vue Tours this past Summer. Here’s a brief recap.

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