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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Cap-Haitien Welcomes Sunrise Airways’ New Office

Great news for Cap-Haitien on this Haitian Flag Day. Another step closer to its clientele, is what Sunrise Airways has accomplished by installing a new office in Cap-Haitien.  As of today, May 18, 2018 all the preliminary preparation are completed to launch Sunrise Airways new office located in the Hostellerie du Roi Henry Christophe Rue 24 B. The new office location is no coincidence since it is place in an area of town accessible by travelers, tour operators, businesses and just practically everyone.


For over 5 years Sunrise Airways has been the only airline connecting Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitien. Such steadiness of service for the area made it an excellent opportunity to extend in the north.  As this new office emerges in the touristic capital of a Haiti, it will facilitate, booking, shipping and customer services.  Despite the already important role played by Sunrise Airways with its 4 flights daily in Cap-Haitien, it is an key player in the tourism industry and economically for the area.

As a visionary, the president of Sunrise Airways, Mr. Philipe Bayard’s objectives with the airline are to remain as an effective gateway between Haiti and their Caribbean destinations.  The airline will continue to strengthen its services in local communities and in the Caribbean by providing stellar support with now all 4 offices throughout Haiti.  With a soft launch today, the new location will officially be open for service starting next week. The 4 operational sites in the country are the central office near Toussaint L’ouverture Airport, in Pétionville Big Star Market and Plaza Platinum in addition to Cap-Haitien’s latest office. This new link amplifies Cap-Haitien’s interconnection with the Caribbean by way of Sunrise Airways’ Port-au-Prince hub which connects Haïti to Curaçao, Santo Domingo, Cuba and the upcoming servicing location to be announced.

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