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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Cynthia Verna’s New Book – Calvaires: Viols et Autres Souffrances

Cynthia Verna a successful Chef, Artist and now author with her new book entitled “Calvaires: Viols et Autres Souffrances” volume 1. I personally admire her kindness and her infectious million dollar smile. This woman is very talented individual and  I was taken by surprised when I learned about what she suffered as a child
/ young adult. As she stated below,  rape and domestic violence is a taboo topic in the Haitian community. She explains it better in her own introduction. (clink on the right side bar to purchase)

“My Name is Cynthia Verna  and I was born and raised  in Haiti.
I’m a survivor of rape and domestic violence.
In Haiti rape is very taboo, no one speaks about it,I did the same. I’m no longer afraid or feel a shame, I’m thankful to God for keeping  me safe.
I forgive them God, have mercy on them Lord. I pray for all the victims in the world, don’t give up, there’s a life behind the pain, and that’s the love of God. I thank you Lord for your love and light.
You bless me with so many gift,talents and so much more… All my pain and suffering only got me closer to you and for that Jesus I’m grateful. I never stop smiling ,I never stop loving and I always was able to find in my heart a place to forgive.

 I’m Cynthia alive and well.”

Cynthia Verna

I watch her Youtube video where she express intimate feelings about her pass and forgiveness for her abusers. I touched and inspired by her courage. This situation only brought the best out of her in the long run. Verna not only released the book to help others who have not been able to find a channel to express themselves but she has along with  The House of Healing Hearts Project created the Cynthia Support Center (CSC) in Haiti. There Ms. Verna will collaborate with Daphne Stephenson and Word and Action, Inc.

The Cynthia Support Center will have for main purpose to provide support to adult women and men who have experienced sexual abuse violence. Therefore CSC will constitute a healing place and a refuge to those victims. The CSC will consist of three major components Prevention, Education and Treatment.  Click here for more
information. (All pictures from Cynthia Verna)

Come out to meet Cynthia Verna and pick up your copy her newly release book, this Sunday May 24th at 10am -6 pm at the location below.