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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Geraldine Sanon, Haitian Woman in Business

Geraldine Sanon

Geraldine Sanon is serial entrepreneur, social media strategist, and branding expert, Geraldine Sanon has turned her passion for entrepreneurship and empowering others into a career. Sanon is currently the CEO and owner of A La Mode Boutique and is also the Co-Owner of Fierce Social and Fierce Society . Sanon has a digital reach of over 700,000 active followers in her business portfolio.

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Growing up in an under privileged community Sanon realized that education, hard work, and training would be the keys to her success. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti and instilled in her the importance of humility and helping others. These values and traditions have been the force behind Sanon’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts. Sanon has actively served with various non-profit organizations locally and national including the Girl Rethought Project and the Jicyra Johnson Foundation. As a community advocate Sanon has served on the City of Opa Locka’s Parks and Recreations Board and the City of Miami Garden’s Progressive Young Adults. Sanon also was one of the coordinators of the Pink Paper Bag Project, which fed over 400 homeless individuals in Downtown Miami. As CEO and Co-Owner of Fierce Social, Sanon teaches brands and organization how to become leaders in their industries by focusing on innovative marketing and social media strategies. Sanon also works with millennial entrepreneurs, and through her business boot camps she teaches millennials about creating, developing, and maintaining a business and brand. Sanon has spoken at various, events, organizations, and universities. She recently spoke on a panel, at the University of Miami hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, on her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and tips and strategies every entrepreneur should follow. Sanon is also Co-Owner of A La Mode Boutique, a lifestyle brand that focuses on empowering customers through fashion. A La Mode Boutique runs on the principle that fashion is an art and expression of individuality. A La Mode Boutique provides customers with outlets t express their individuality and empower themselves. In three years, A La Mode already has a social media reach of over 400,000 and has hosted networking, charity, and fashion events all over the United States. A La Mode’s A City Soiree Miami event was featured on the cover of the business section of the Miami Times. A City Soiree Miami was held in honor of Women’s History Month and had over 450 attendees. The event provided a platform for professionals from an array of industries to network and promote their brands. Guests were treated to complimentary makeovers, cocktails, skin and health evaluations, live performances, and a fashion showcase. Sanon’s latest entrepreneurial venture, Fierce Society, is a social community that entwines dreamers and provides insight into the illuminating culture of Fierce individuals. Fierce Society encourages members to live a life in motion, start businesses, network, and to live fiercely and fearlessly. Fierce Society serves as a gateway to business, fashion, culture, and like-minded art enthusiasts and provides them with the tools and resources to develop and share their personal success stories. Sanon received her dual Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees in Business Management and Political Science from the University of Miami and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree from Saint Thomas University School of Law. She was most recently recognized by Yes Julz Agency as one of the 30 under 30 most influential women in South Florida and Live Vivacious”s Women Who Rock. Sanon is an entrepreneur, fashion leader, and philanthropist. For more information on Sanon’s work visit www.FierceSocial.com.

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Read more as we chat with Geraldine Sanon


 What motivated you to start you business?

I was motivated by my parents. They immigrated to the Miami from Haiti before my sister and I were born. Growing up they taught us the importance of hard work. They would do whatever was necessary to make sure my sister and I had whatever we needed, whether that meant working extra shifts so we could attend a school trip or shopping at Goodwill to make sure we had all the uniforms we needed for school. My parents dedication and commitment to investing in me inspired me. I realized early on that with focus, commitment, and drive you could achieve anything. As my businesses and brands grew I realized that the selflessness my parents had was instilled in me. Instead of just focusing on myself, I became interested in teaching others and helping them develop their own success stories. There is enough success to go around so it became my mission to develop as many entrepreneurs and successful business owners as possible.


As a Haitian woman in business, what are the challenges you faced as a business owner and how do you overcome them?

With owning a business there are always many challenges. As a Haitian woman in business I’ve faced the challenge of trying to dominate in predominately male markets. It also makes it a little harder when you walk into meetings and planning sessions and you’re one of the few if not only women in the room. I believe that any challenge is an opportunity to test your strength and don’t mind stepping up and showing that I can always deliver.


How does your business relates to the Haiti or Haitian community? 

My business provides a platform for others to become entrepreneurs, develop their businesses, and to market and learn what it takes to become successful. Through my efforts I am able to build and develop more leaders within the Haitian community.


In your opinion, why is it important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses ?

It is important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses because that is the key way that we can continue evolving and thriving. By supporting Haitian owned businesses we are putting our community to the forefront by pushing platforms that provide a medium to promote Haitian culture. It is essential for us to support each other because when we do so we are able to uplift not only that brand but the Haitian community as a whole by putting other Haitian’s at the forefront.