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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Haitian Food Catering in Sweden by Kay Sandra Catering

Meet Marie Sandra proud owner of Kay Sandra Haitian Cuisine Catering. The one and only catering company bringing Haitian Cuisine to Stockholm, Sweden. Sandra was born in Haiti and moved to Sweden at 8 years old with her parents and brothers. Her dream started by wondering if she can share her culture through food with the Swedish people. Therefore, she decided to share Haitian food. Her friends while attending her parties discovered how delicious Haitian food was but Sandra wanted to share with more people.

She then asked herself, should I offer my colleagues at work lunch boxes with Haitian food?
The word spread on social media and here she stands today while offering the Swedish people some of our fantastic Haitian dishes with Kay Sandra Catering


Marie was recently interviewed by The Chef Magazine and you can get to know her and her business a little more.

1.What or who do u consider your inspiration..what gets you up in the day ?

The thought of learning something new everyday inspires me to get up and cook.

2. what is your current philosophical approach to cuisine ?
Improvement, how can I make it even better than the last time

3. what is your latest ambition food wise ?

I’ve always loved to cook, all types of cuisines but the thought of spreading our Haitian cuisine in Sweden it’s what’s making my dream of having a Haitian restaurant. I love our food and I’m so proud of all the history and mixes behind it and I know for sure people will love it too.

4. what is your favorite course in the meal appetizer?main course? dessert?

My favourite appetizer is our Banan pézé, fried plantains,
My favourite main course is Diri blan, sós pwa with salmon sauce.
My favourite dessert is Chocolate fondant.

5. what would be your ideal meal spring summer wise ?
Because I love to make fusion between the Haitian cuisine and other cuisine that I like, an example of a summer-lunch meal would be a pokeé bowl without the rice but plantains instead. Plantain tacos is a favourite too.

6. what is your earliest food memory?

I know that from an early age that I’ve always loved to eat Diri sòs pwa. (Rice and bean sauce)

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