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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Haitian Woman in Business: Ruth “Ephinae” Joseph

In honor of Women History Month, this March we will celebrate Haitian Women in Business. This Haitian Woman in Business is a force to be reckon with. Her skills have caught the attention of Hollywood actress Nicole Ari Parker.

Haitian Women in Business XPRESS YOUR KINKS (1)

 Ruth “Ephinae” Joseph of Xpress Your Kinks

 Ruth Joseph better known as “Ephinae” is the owner of Xpress Your Kinks. She became Nicole Ari Parker’s Hairstylist with her famous kinky twist on Parker has been seen on the Wendy Willam Show, Bet Awards Red Carpet, Essence Magazine, Texture Magazine , The Boris and Nicole TV show, lastly Parker was also featured on the cover of Hype Hair Magazine just to name a few. Below is an article from Hype Hair Magazine with details on how it all came to be.

xpressAbout Xpress Your Kinks

Xpress Your Kinks is committed to providing the absolute best services to our customers. We strive to provide quality products coupled with exceptional service to enhance their experience. We take pride in educating ourselves in the natural hair industry and continue to stay current on the latest trends and styles. Our responsibility to our customers is to maintain a good reputation for quality services in our salon. At Xpress Your Kinks, mediocrity is not an acceptable practice! We always give our best in all that we do in hopes that the customer will look and feel their best after receiving our services.

What motivated you to start your business?

Life! Life motivated me to start my own business because of the many experiences that I’ve faced in the workplace. When your destiny is controlled by someone other than yourself, you become stagnant, unmotivated and unsure of your capabilities. I did not want to be stagnant; I was very motivated and new exactly what my strengths & weaknesses were so I took a leap.

 As a Haitian woman in business, what are the challenges you faced as a business owner and how do you overcome them? 

The challenge I faced recently was finding a balance. Raising a family, running a business and still working a corporate job can be tough. However, I’ve learned not to take shortcomings on either front too seriously, and not to beat myself up over the little things, like missing my child’s spelling bee contest. As “Momtrepreneurs” we have many responsibilities and finding ways to devote our time is achieving that elusive work-life balance.

How does your business relates to the Haiti or Haitian community?

My business is catered to women all around the world not particular for Haiti or a Haitian community.

In your opinion, why is it important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses?

A Jewish man once told me that Jews support Jews no MATTER what, regardless of where they come from; He said they are the key to each other’s success. I firmly believe that if “WE” all came together and replicated this act, we wouldn’t have a need for America. We’d be able to expand our talents in our own country, Haiti.

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