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Friday 14 December 2018
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Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Cindy Lafalaise

Last year in March 2016 we brought you a list of  exceptional Haitian women in Business. This year is no different, all month long during March 2017, we will continue to share with you some of the women of our community who care making a name for themselves.

We begin our 2nd Edition of Haitian Women in Business feaures with a young, bright and very fashionable blogger, Ms. Cindy Lafalaise. Let us introduce you to…

Personal Life and Style Blogger

Cindy Lafalaise

Well I’m Cindy, best known as PRIIINCESSS, I am a Personal Life & Style blogger at IAM.PRIIINCESSS.COM as well as the face and owner of PRIIINCESSS.COM, an online clothing company. I was born and raised in Haiti but currently based out of Atlanta Ga. My brands are my entire life and I work night and day to make them what they are today… The blog is a direct reflection of my personal style and lifestyle but the main focus is show young women that it’s ok to be ourselves and do what we love. And that the sky is the limit as long as we are willing to put in the work we can actually have it all, all of that our hearts desire.


What motivated you to start you business?

My love for fashion was my main motivation to start my brand but as I grow it becomes more than that. Not only do I get to live out my dreams but I also get to push and inspire those around me to be great and do great things.

As a Haitian woman in business, what are the challenges you faced as a business owner and how did you overcome them?

I would say as a Haitian woman in business some of the challenges are pretty much finding good, reliable and serious people to work with. Whether it’s for collaboration, exchange of services and or teaming up to work on anything.

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 What would you say to another woman who’s thinking about embracing entrepreneurship and is hesitant about it.

My advice to another woman thinking of embracing entrepreneurship is to just go for it. Whatever is it that you think or feel like you need in order to to get started, you don’t. Growing ANYTHING takes time, work and dedication so you are better off starting now, learn whatever you need to learn and stop wasting time.

What should we look forward to from your business?

Being that I am 100% focus on my blog at the moment I would say definitely look forward to a lot more blog posts, more events and I will be adding videos to the blog soon. But I am working behind the scenes and  making some changes  into my online store PRIIINCESSS going into 2018.


How does your business relates to Haiti or Haitian community? If so how does it impact the community or your market group?

As a blogger and an online store owner, I am my brand and being a Haitian woman my business plays a big part in the Haitian Community.  Everything I do is with the young Haitian girls in mind, which is why some of the Non-profit organizations in the Haitian community will always carry a big place in my heart. I’m always open and available to assist. Whether it’s raising funds, taking  pictures or being a sponsor, I’m there.

Highlight of Cindy Lafalaise’s career as an entrepreneur

I have had quite a few good highlights as entrepreneur but being invited to attend New York Fashion Week last month was definitely something I have dreamed off. I was not able to attend due to other obligations but getting the invite alone was indeed an indication that I am doing something worthwhile.

In your opinion, why is it important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses ?

Omg, I can’t stress enough how important is it for the Haitian Community to support Haitian businesses. In order for the community to grow and thrive we need to invest in ourselves and each other. Imagine how amazing and how much more we would be able to do for Haiti, our people in need if we keep our dollars within the Haitian Community or simply show up for each there.



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