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Friday 14 December 2018
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Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Sunblondy Hector-Daniel

There is one thing the Haitian community does not lack, and that is strong women. We have many women in all sorts of sectors in business who are thriving in their respective fields. However, when we notice the ones who want to give back more than anything, it is worth celebrating and recognizing. Allow us to introduce you to a talent entrepreneur who has chosen to channel her difficult life experience as a young mother to an organization dedicated to support other from the same path she once walked.

SunBlondy Hector-Daniel

Sunblondy Hector-Daniel is a 38 year old wife and mother of three children.  Ten years ago, she dedicated herself to the service of others in her home town Cap-HaÏtian, HaÏti and began sponsoring two children throughout their school years. Years later, she founded the nonprofit organization, SunB Cares Foundation and has now increased the number of children whom she provides assistance to.  As a former teen mother, she understands first-hand the needs and desired support of others. Because of this, she is passionate about helping others.

Sunblondy has worked in the healthcare field for over 15 years. In 2013, she created Amour Divine, a personal home care company. In 2014, she established an affordable online women’s boutique called, Très Chic Boutique. Sunblondy displays continual philanthropic efforts as she donates boutique clothing to other local non-profit organizations and gives 50% of proceeds towards SunB Cares Foundation.


What to look forward to:

On May 28, 2017, we are hosting our first Annual “A Mother’s Heart Charity Brunch.” We will be honoring 3 single mothers with giveaways, makeovers, raffles, games, and empowerment/inspirational speakers. It is our hopes that this event is successful in accomplishing our mission!

On August 12, 2017, I and a group of volunteers will travel to Cap-HaÏtian for our 1st community school supply drive! We are also partnering with a local Mobil clinic to provide health screenings, face paintings, games, food, and much more!

” I encourage anyone that dreams to become an entrepreneur to stay focused and strong!

When reality sets in, even some of your family members and most of the friends that you literally grew up with, will not be the ones supporting your dreams. It’s imperative to stay 100% focused on your brand, pay attention and avoid those in your circle who’s not willing to make a little effort to support, encourage and root for every business move you’re making.”  _ Sunblondy Hector-Daniel

Be sure to attend and support the First Annual A Mother’s Heart Brunch in Atlanta.

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