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Friday 14 December 2018
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Haitian Women in Business 2nd Edition: Ketia Fequiere

Ketia Fequiere

We have the pleasure to introduce you to a Haitian Woman in Business who means business. Let us introduce you to Ketia Fequiere

Ketia Fequiere is the CEO and Owner of KPR Solutions, which is a South Florida-Based Public Relations and Marketing Boutique Firm specializing in building brands. Whether is it a Non-Profit Organization, Catering Company, Online Clothing Store, etc,  we can expand your brand! KPR Solutions is known for implementing creative and customized media and marketing strategies designed to impact a client’s specific business goals and objectives. KPR Solutions utilizes the glitz and glamour to elevate and enhance our clients’ image and relationship with their core demographics. Ketia began her public relations journey as a public relations intern and in 2012, birthed KPR Solutions. The services offered at KPR Solutions are rooted from Ketia’s educational background (Psychology and Marketing) and her hands on experience in many industries. Her passion for believing and helping people reach their full potential and love for all things creative are the driving force of KPR Solutions. Ketia is also into giving back to the community and organizations that are helping make the world a better place for generations and generations to come.

What motivated you to start you business?

What motivated me to start KPRS was an opportunity to showcase talents that I admire and believe in. All of my clients, new and old, I have been fans of them prior to working with them.

As a Haitian woman in business, what are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Being that I work within the Haitian Music Industry, I have to work harder to be respected because I am in a predominately male industry. I allow my work to be the driving force of my business as oppose to making it about me, the owner.

What would you say to another woman who’s thinking about embracing entrepreneurship and is hesitant about it.

Take the Leap!!! It will be worth it!! It will be scary, you might even FREAK OUT!!!! But, you can’t give up!!! If you feel like giving up, reach out to me!!!

What should we look forward to from your business?

More Clients, More Blogging, More speaking engagements, More women empowerment!!!

How does your business relates to Haiti or the Haitian community?

If so how does it impact the community or your market group? My company’s main objective is expanding brands. Working with musicians/artists/public figures to showcase their works and talents with the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. My job is to show the world, not only Haitians but Non-Haitians the talents we have.


Share one or more highlights of your career as an entrepreneur

A highlight in my career that stands out the most is when I first began working in the Haitian Industry, I assisted my fellow Haitian sister/business owner with a sponsorship package to help her gain sponsors for her fashion show. The joy it gave me to assist her, made this moment one of the best and favorite highlight of my career. It brings me great joy in helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

In your opinion, why is it important for the Haitian community to support Haitian owned businesses?

I will simply say this: If we don’t support us, who will?


Stay Connect with Ketia Fequiere and KPR Solutions

Instagram: @mykprsolutions
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kprsolutionsllc