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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Happy Haitian Flag Day – Bonne Fête du Drapeau Haitien

On Wednesday May 18th 1803, Haiti made history and noise around the world for becoming the first black independent nation ever. The strength and resilience of those who fought for our freedom are  and will remain priceless. Our ancestors accomplished

a task to many other nation seemed impossible. Today marks the 212th anniversary of the Haitian Flag and Haitians around the globe are showing their pride for our beloved nation “Haiti throughout social media, apparel, vehicles and more. Haitian Businesses is wishing each and everyone of our fellow Haitians and lovers of Haiti a Happy and joyful Flag Day.

A woman portraying Katherine Flon in a a parade in “La Cite du Drapeau” Arcahaie.

The President of Haiti Michel Joseph Martelly, Prime Minister Evans Paul and other high ranked government officials setting a flower arrangement at the monument honoring the Father of our Nation Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines.

Parade in Celebration of Haitian Flag Day in the city of Arcahaie, Haiti
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Photos Courtesy of the Ministere de la Culture D’Haiti

Photo Courtesy of  President Martelly Facebook

The presidential stage at the City of Arcahaie where President Martelly addressed the nation and Haitians around the globe.

Haitian Flag Day Celebration at Boston City Hall

Photo courtesy of Consulat D’Haiti a Chicago Facebook page