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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Jessy DeFreitas a Businesswoman and Grandmother with an Fitness Apparel Line

Jessy DeFreitas, Founder & CEO of Infinity Apparel and Designs

When you think of grandmother especially in the Haitian community you automatically think of someone who sits around the house and typically help in kitchen and watch the grandkids. Let us tell you this totally not the case in this article. Allow us to introduce you to Jessy DeFreitas the beauty and brain behind Infinity Apparel and Designs. DeFreitas is definitely not your typical grandma. To put things into perspective for you, this modern “Glamma” is a Financial Advisor, Speaker, Instructor and of course Fashion Designer. As a businesswoman, Jessy has always thrive in her career however she is highly motivated to see women thrive with their health as she brings Infinity Apparel and Designs which is a labor of love.

Jessy DeFreitas, CEO & Founder of Infinity Apparel and Designs

Jessy DeFreitas spent 15 years of her life working in that type of environment. Working in Financial Services for AIG she saw many women tearing themselves down simply because they lacked a quality health and fitness lifestyle. Having a passion for working out and dancing, she wanted to share this love with her coworkers. She discovered quickly the cycle that many of them were finding themselves in and she was determined to find a way to motivate and inspire change.

Growing up, Jessy’s mother was a New York fashion designer and she enjoyed watching her mother create unique and gorgeous gowns for entire wedding parties, including the wedding gowns themselves. Having a great sense of style and an eye for detail were definitely traits her mother passed to on to her. It didn’t take long before Jessy took her passions and skill sets and combined them….Continue reading


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