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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Karen Civil Shows Her Haitian Pride While Supporting Haitian Businesses

On May 18, 2015 which marked the 212th anniversary of the Haitian Flag, Karen Civil traveled to Haiti in order to continue on what she initially started back in
October 2014. Karen is tirelessly eager to support to youth of Haiti by providing playground and education about businesses development. Through Live Civil Karen provides a platform to support the her humanitarian work in Haiti.

During this most recent trip Karen showed up in the island of Haiti with a few gears to help her represent the Haitian Flag. With great pride, Karen shared beautiful pictures on her social media pages while supporting two Haitian entreprenuneurs. I was able to confirm with Karen that she was able to find those two Haitian Businesses right from our page.

One of the first pictures of a Karen to emerge during her stay at the Marriott Haiti shown above is where she’s wearing  the Vraie Jolie  Coat of Arms bikini top. The Designer, Valentine went to Instagram to express her gratitude to Karen for wearing her garment. The Vraie Jolie line is full of apparel for women, men and children with amazing design to help  promote pride in the Haitian community.

Karen also took with her another hot item to Haiti. After noticing it from my page, she purchased the
 Haitian Flag Toms from Joanne owner of Jai By Joanne . I’m so proud to see the support received By the community especially from someone like Karen to the Haitian businesses that I help promote. 

Karen with her friend (seen below) are both wearing the Live Civil New Era Thinking Cap. It was designed specifically to help raise funds to build playgrounds in Haiti


To support both Haitian Businesses click on the links below 
Designer: Vraie Jolie
Model: Mei Meilan 

Designer Jai By Joanne 
Shoes : Toms 
I clearly remember Karen showed up looking stunning for the ground opening ceremony of the Live Civil playground wearing Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean Ankara printed dress  back in October 2014. The same dress was subsequently warn by singer  Rihanna. I can only assume that on Karen’s next trip to Haiti she’ll be supporting another Haitian business. The only question is, who’s next?