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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Laurent S. Lamothe Explains Why He Quit with Stephanie Ruhle of Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg Business YouTube
When Haiti’s Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe announced he was resigning from office it took the Haitian and international community by a shockwave.

The main question was and still remain, why ? Mr. Lamothe answered this question with Stephanie Ruhle of Bloomberg Television. Many are still asking if this is a good decision for Haiti’s future. Lamothe stated in this interview that he always wants to be part of Haiti’s solution and not it’s problem and therefore, if resigning will help Haiti in a way then he was left with no choice but to resign. The President of Haiti Michel Joseph Martelly accepted the resignation following the recommendation of his counsel committee. Lamothe after 31 months as Prime Minister of Haiti left office but the fate of Haiti remains in question. Watch the full phone interview and share your opinion below.