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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Sophie Patel – Haitian Woman in Business

Sophie Patel

Haitian Woman in Business

Meet Sophie Patel, born in Haiti, raised in Haiti and New York, she’s a Haitian woman in business who’s proud to share the Haitian and African heritage. Sophie is the owner, Fashion Designer and Creative Director for Ginen Creations by Sophie.


Haitian Women in Business Sophie Patel
Ginen Creations by Sophie is a Clothing and accessories line inspired by African and Haitian Culture and Fashion.
She started Ginen Creations in 2013. At a very young age Sophie used to always made her own clothes . Over the years she followed different paths when it comes to school and career but Fashion was her number one love. Her passion for African and Haitian culture was a strong force behind the motivation to start Ginen Creations. Being able to combine these two things and express herself through fashion, while encouraging women she could not resist the urge to bring her ides to life. One of the main focus of the lines is our head wraps. Through the we wraps we make, we encourage women to embrace their true selves and know that they are Queens.
Ginen Creations is a representation of Haiti’s direct connection to Africa. Sophie uses her line as a platform and a reminder to Haitians reminding them that they are from Africa starting with the name “Ginen”. She finds that a lot of times many Haitians don’t really like to admit that their roots of being African descendants. Using Fashion which is something we can all relate to she was able to bring back that reminder and hope to accomplish way more.
As Haitians, as a community it is very important to stick to each other and support one another. Haitian owned businesses are a representation of us all as a community. When a Hatian business succeeds we all do.