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HB Connections Sponsor: Cremas Absalon

I sincerely learned to appreciate to woman behind Cremas Absalon. Located in New York, Charlene Absalon have shown tremendous support to the Haitian Businesses movement from the very beginning. When I first made the attempt to start a blog, Charlene voluntarily made me with a banner for the site. Most recently approximately 100 guests enjoyed her cremas vials at the first ever HB Connections networking event and two lucky winners went home with 750ml bottles home.


Cremas Absalon produces the traditional Haitian rum cream liqueur called Cremas. Cremas is a widely popular and renown cream liqueur with roots in Haiti. To stay true to the name, we have named our product Cremas Absalon.

In New City with Charlene Absalon

In New City with Charlene Absalon

We altered the recipe to demonstrate the influence of Haitian and American culture on the traditional product. Made with sweet condensed milk, nutmeg and rum, Cremas Absalon is the only alcoholic beverage infused with natural ingredients to make a smooth and delicious flavor.

As their ideas expand, they have developed new products tied to the Cremas flavor such as Kafé Cremas flavored ice cream and cremas. Wether youre having a special event or just because you must have the Cremas Absalon experience. If you haven’t taste it please contact Cremas Absalon today at 347-815-4418 or click here