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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Haiti’s Best Kept Secret… Labrune, Introducing “Nwel Lanmou”

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Introducing her latest track  for the holidays, Labrune is one of Haiti’s best kept secret.  Like Haiti, Labrune’s is yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. She is an exceptional singer with rising start with an astonishing voice I’m sure will make it on the hit show THE VOICE . Listen to her latest music entitled Nwel Lanmou. Let’s discover more about this brilliant young artist in a chat I had with her. 

My name is Marie-Brunette Brutus Mainsour. I am known by my artist name, Labrune. I studied psychology but now I work in communications, as a consultant at a public institution in Haiti. Apart from singing and going to work, I’m a writer. I published a book at Livres en Folie fair in 2011, and now I have at least three novels set way, I do not know which one to finish first. (lol).



What inspired you to launch your career as an artist?

I used to sing already. I sing since I was 8 years old. I officially started my career in 2006, when I was at the beauty contest “Miss Vidéomax summer 2006“. I left 2nd Dauphine, and have had the opportunity through this visibility, to perform with Wyclef Jean, two months later at a festival in Jacmel. Then I took part in a lot of contests like Digicel Stars and Konkou Chante Nwel. I got the second price Konkou Chante Nwel and then I joined the troop Haiti en Scène, with which I have done a lot of touring, in Haiti, Europe and North America with musicals like Notre Dame of Paris (I played the role of Esmeralda) and Starmania. Since then I have not stopped … Until the earthquake of 2010 when I was a victim and stayed several months recovering. Another tragedy occurring in my life a few months later, followed shortly after by my marriage with my longtime boyfriend … and then I took a break from music. Time to heal my physical and emotional wounds, time to adjust to my new life …

Five years have passed … and then one day, two children later, I thought: What the hell are you doing about your musical dreams? Will your life be summarized in just the ‘Wake-work-sleep’ ‘?

I have assembled a staff of childhood friends in whom I trust and have given them each a role. And like this I had a management staff. Nwel Lanmou this christmas song I wrote and composed, is our first achievement.





What challenges did you face while launching your latest project?  

The re-launch of my career with Nwel Lanmou taught me that the games were changed. It has become tougher, less easy than before where you could count the female singers on one hand. Today they are plenty and they are each more talented than the others. I also learned that the center operates as a network, and one must have his own. Media network, friends network … people that believe in you and want to help you promote your product. Of course, the more this product is good, the less effort you have to provide. But it remains a huge challenge in my case to win back an audience that had virtually forgotten me and had time to focus on other voices, other styles …



What is the most important thing you learned since starting with this project?

I learned that nothing is ever granted, especially not a public. I also learned that everything is changing: the styles, tastes, trends. My voice before which so pleased my old public, now, I personally I think I can do better, work it harder. That’s why I take regular singing lessons, twice a week for several months now, and also make sure I learn an instrument, so I can raise the level of my game.



Why should the public listen to “Nwel Lanmou”?

Nwel Lanmou tells about the coming of the Messiah, hope for a better tomorrow, rejoicing, sharing and, above all, love. Nothing about poverty or insecurity. No complaints. I believe that at this time when the world is upside down, we need to return to the true meaning of Christmas, to reconnect to our true values. Nwel Lanmou gives the kind of message we need right now and that can help us spend the holiday period in a certain peace of mind.


Tell us about any upcoming projects and what is your ultimate goal as an artist?

Right now the closest project is a single due out immediately after 2016’s carnival. I also have two collaborations for the beginning of 2016 , but I keep myself to speak about them in details so I won’t have to make public excuses in case of changes or delays (lol). Of course, I start preparing my album in 2016 also, if God gives us life.

My dream is to become an International singer, with a voice enhancing and getting better with time, and also playing at least one instrument. Also I want to represent and win a singing competition for Haiti. All this, while continuing to write and publish novels and stories.


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What advice will you give to anyone who wishes to start a career as an artist?

” Keep Working and never think your good enough and you no longer need improvement. Never Think You know everything ” . Continue to learn. Develop a unique style. Singers, there are a bunch aver there. But what will differentiate you, and give you a hearing? This is the question to be asked constantly …



 Some Fun and Cool facts about Labrune

  • Labrune 1I Love to laugh, and sense of humor is one of the great qualities that attracts me to someone.
  • I love to Cry in front of a good romantic movie
  • I Am addicted to shoes
  • If ever music does not like me, I can make a career in professional makeup (lol).
  • I Participated in a radio drama called ZOUKOUTAP recently, and played the role of a plague addicted to sex and money.
  • My Family (partner and children) are my favorite topics of conversation.            
  • And I’m Christian by the way (I think that’s cool!)



Now that you got to know Labrune, you will wan to know what she has coming up. Stay connected with her to receive all the latest events and news about her career through her blog  mariebrunette.tumblr.com and these social links.