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Tuesday 18 December 2018
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Introducing Haïtea… Haïtea is a line of organic tea carefully packaged to give you the experience of the perfect cup of tea. The company specializes in fresh herbs found in combination with the best natural spices creating an experience which you will want to relive time after time.

Named after Haiti, Haïtea is a line of organic tea created to have the world experience the perfect cup of tea while sharing the Haitian culture.


Founded in March 2015 by Sandy Pierre, Haitea is a brand and name that needs no explanation. The idea was born from Pierre’s passion for tea and the love for the country (Haiti). Later this year, the company will release teas that are very well known in the Haitian culture such as Ginger tea  Te JenjanmSoursop tea Te Korosòl, Cinnamon tea Te Kanèl, Mint Tea Te Mant and Lemongrass tea Te sitwonèl. Each and everyone of those teas have several key health benefits.


I was honored to have Haitea as a sponsor at my HB Connections event last month. Visit www.MyHaitea.com and sign up to receive a 10% coupon off your first purchase. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram