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Friday 14 December 2018
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Dominican Republic Sends 500 Trucks with Supplies to Haiti in the Affected Areas From Hurricane Matthew

The Dominican Republic has shown sign of solidarity to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

Santo Domingo.- Public Works Minister Gonzalo Castillo on Monday said aid to areas affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti will start arrive starting Wednesday, October 12th, 2016.  In a convoy of around 500 trucks including ambulances, medical equipment and food.

In a statement from Port-au-Prince Castillo said road repairs are being coordinated,

“We are here to coordinate aid from the Dominican Republic which starts arriving at ten in the morning when we crossed the border point at Jimani,” said Castillo, head of the Dominican government commission which collaborates with Haiti.

Accompanied by other officials, Castillo met with Haiti Cabinet minister Jacques Evelt Eveillard to organize the collaboration and the aid.

He said crews will clear the roads of debris strewn by Hurricane Matthew, followed by the arrival of heavy equipment to repair them once the cleanup concludes.


A convoy of 39 trucks supplied with 25,000 rations of uncooked food is set to leave from Jimani to assist inhabitants of the Haiti towns Jeremie, Grand’Anse, Ile-à-Vache, Les Cayes, Port-à- Piment and Roche – à-Bateau.

Five mobile kitchens and cafeterias that will reportedly cook 7,000 meals daily will head out of Pedernales today, while medicine, building materials, cement and wood and other aid will reach the affected area on Dominican Navy boats

Meanwhile the convoy of trucks and vans from various government agencies started heading to Pedernales province since early Wednesday.
Source: Dominican Today


More details on the 500 trucks sent to Haiti today by the Dominican Republic

  • 40 heavy equipment such as cranes, trucks, fuel logistics equipment, ambulances, mobile workshops, mobile generators, water treatment equipment are sent to Haiti.
  • Of the 500 vehicles, 248 vehicles will remain in Haiti,the others will return to the Dominican Republic after unloading their wares.
  • Over 250 Dominican technicians will visit the Haitian communities affected by the passage of  Hurricane Matthew. Director of the Dominican Economic Restaurants, Nicolas Calderon also announced that they will deliver over 25,000 food rations to the Haitian government,  in Pedernales, another 70,000 food rations will be produced , which will be transported by ship to remote areas in the part South of Haiti.

Source: For The Kids of Haiti