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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Lisa E. Drouillard, Miss Universe Haiti 2015


Lisa Elizabeth Drouillard, Miss Universe Haiti 2015

Meet Lisa

Currently representing Haiti in the Miss Universe Pageant Lisa Elizabeth Drouillard, pictured above in a Victor Lopez gown, was Born and raise in Brooklyn, NY. Her love for dancing and art sparked since she was a toddler at the young age of 14 Lisa began participating in beauty contests and in 2010 she was crowned Miss Teen New York, making her the first black women to receive this title. This led to her to receive a Proclamation on Haitian Flag Day by Marty Markowitz, former President of Brooklyn Borough.


Her love for the Haitian Culture

Lisa did not let the fact that she grew up in the United States prevent her from learning how to speak kreyòl. In an interview with Haiti Business Week Although Lisa grew up in the US, she speaks Kreyòl and is proud to be Haitian. “I grew up in a Haitian household. I know everything about Haiti from my grandmother, and I love my culture so much that I said to myself: Let me give Miss Haiti a try.” the beauty queen continued to say “What makes me proud to be Haitian is this: just being American is awesome, but when you have another culture behind, it’s an added bonus as a person. I feel lucky to be Haitian. I’m super proud of that because our story is amazing, being the first black country to be independent and then helping other countries to achieve that goal as well,”.

Lisa in a MeJeanne Couture Gown by Christelle Dominique

Lisa in a MeJeanne Couture Gown by Christelle Dominique

She believes that the discipline she received from the Haitian culture helped her achieve many of her goals.

Drouillard thinks that the Diaspora can contribute a great deal to the betterment of Haiti. She decided to get more involved herself. She travels to Haiti every 3-4 months and is in the process of establishing her non-profit organization to bring the idea of “proms” to Haiti.

“I wanted to find a way to celebrate our beauty and happiness instead of the usual portrayal of Haitians suffering, because Haitian people are really happy people. I wanted to find a way where I can help celebrate that,” said Ms. Drouillard on her interview with Haiti Business Week.  Lisa plans to advocate for world peace she is an optimist and a motivational speaker. Her message to the Haitian youth is: “No matter where you are, keep in mind that your location does not pave your destination. So keep going, keep striving, and believe in yourself because anything can happen.”


Lisa Drouillard is a Haitian American model who holds a degree in Criminal Justice. She plans on advocate for world peace she also was a violinist who played in the junior orchestra at Brooklyn College at the age of 11. She is no stranger to the arts dancing Haitian Folklore since she was a toddler. Lisa loves watching classic movies such as Coming to America and Hook to name a few. Lisa works hard at everything she sets her mind to and with that spirit she hopes to one day start her own business in the beauty industry.


3 Fun facts about Lisa

1) She can apply eye shadow in the dark perfectly well.
2) She used to have a pet duck in Brooklyn, New York.
3) She knows every line from coming to America.


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Watch Miss Universe 2015 Pageant Show

Catch Lisa when Emmy Award winner Steve Harvey  host the 2015 MISS UNIVERSE pageant show. The three-hour annual event will air live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas Sunday, Dec. 20th at 7:00-10:00 PM ET live on FOX. Set up your reminder and program your DVR  and watch Lisa as she represents our nation.



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