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Friday 14 December 2018
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Samuel Dameus an Inspiring Young Leader For Haiti

Life as it Begins for Samuel Dameus

Born with a natural sense of leadership, Samuel Dameus has showcased his energetic skills as an effective leader throughout his career. A native of Cap-Haitien, Haïti, Samuel Dameus is a dynamic young professional with a passion and dedication to offer his absolute best to his country, environment and his community. At a young age he initiated his legacy as a trailblazer in his school as class president. He then went on to become the Chief Editor of the College Notre Dame’s Newspaper during his last year attending the said school.


Dameus was not only shining in school, at his local church he also shared his role as a leader to enlighten and influence other young people in and around his community. As a kid he was always eager to assist others to excel in their endeavors, which allowed him to be a very active and key member of his community. As he continued to show his dedication as a leader, although you, Dameus was able to improve and sharpened his skills he also have a positive impact within the youth of his community.


Expending his Wings with Education

He attended College Notre Dame in his hometown of Cap Haitien. During his last few years in high school all road ahead led to social studies which is why he entered the countries capital and obtained his bachelor at the University of Haiti in Communications. He continued his studies. In continuation of polishing his knowledge and skills, Dameus entered the United States, precisely in Florida where he was trained and received a specialization in business communication. There he was able to refine his expertise as an effective leader socially and in the tourism industry. In November 2015 he joined a group of young leaders from around the world who are thriving in the tourism industry at the summit by the UNWTO in Madrid. Dameus did not leave empty handed, he was recognized for his participation and leadership during the summit.


Samuel Damues with Francesc Camp Minister of Tourism of Andorra


Social Impact

Bringing positive change for his country, was and always will be a priority for Dameus. Hence he always envisioned to be the one impacting his community and country positively, Dameus pursued a career as the Director of Communication for the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti. Within this path he brought several methods which were able to greatly improve the tourism sector of Haiti. Since assuming office in the said position has contributed to a steady exponential growth for the tourism industry of Haiti. Earlier in his career, Dameus as a Communications Officer for the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent), he executed unprecedented work during his 4 years with the establishment. He was a key influencer in the development of a text message system named Tera, which was a crucial method of communicating with the population following the 2010 earthquake. That system was the very first time this type of outsource and outreach tool has been fully operational. Over the years he continuously uses technology to effectively transmit his vision and ideas. He’s interest of using technology to communicate effectively sparked in interest in his involvement in perfecting his knowledge about the latest and most practical forms of communications in the forever evolving world of technology.



A Photographer is Born

As noted, images are undeniably one of the best tools of communication. Dameus naturally developed a career as a photographer shortly after the 2010 earthquake as he began to share images of the tragedy. Several international organizations and outlets used Damues’ captivating images around the world. About a year later he was recruited by the team of EuroNews and offered his assistance in making the documentary “Silent Disaster Haiti, One Year Later“. That prompted him to focus on social photography. Throughout social media the hashtag #FacesOfHaiti which was initiated by Dameus reflect the current state of the people throughout the country.

As a he continued to develop as a photographer, Dameus has also took great pride in showcasing his impressive photography while exposing the beauty of Haiti.

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In a recent article by the Caribbean Journal Dameus’ Image was used to feature Haiti Tourism an it’s success for the past few years.


Influences and Inspirations

Among the influential individuals in his life, Dameus credited his mother who was also a mentor to him. He proudly credit her for installing in him a sense of discipline which later allowed him to use his talent, his time and intelligence to benefit others from his community. He is also influenced by many leaders on his path more specifically the former Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, As two young leaders Villedrouin and Dameus worked closely to develop their vision for the tourism industry of Haiti. The astronomically positive result of their efforts is undeniable.



Aiming For The Main Goal 

In his years of existence and in his professional career of simply 7 years, he has proven to be a beacon of hope and influence to other young people on his path. As he faces daily challenges, Dameus drive continues to remain laser focus on his main goal which is to contribute and specifically create avenues of effective communication and impact the development of Haiti.


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