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Friday 14 December 2018
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The Minister of Tourism of Haiti’s Second Roadshow Launched in New Jersey

imageMembers of the Minister of Tourism of Haiti’s executive staff are once again touring a few cities in the United States on a second roadshow this year. Since taking office, Mrs. Stephanie B. Villedrouin and her diligent Executive staff have a common goal and that is to bring Haiti Tourism back, in another word to bring La Perle des Antilles back. We can all agree that one of the best way to help Haiti’s economy to bounce back is by increasing the amount of tourists who visits the country.

The Roadshow has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to introduce prospective tourists to Haiti. With the roadshow, the Minister of Tourism Executive members and Hotel agencies combine forces to provide the Haitian community in the diaspora and friends of Haiti all the reasons why they should visit the island.

Elsa Sarmmartano of Marriott Haiti, Emmanuelle Buteau, Buteau Hospitality, Pascale Hilaire Coordinatrice du Department des Promotions Touristiques, Christian Fombrun, Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort

(From left to right) Elsa Sarmmartano of Marriott Haiti, Emmanuelle Buteau, Buteau Hospitality, Pascale Hilaire Coordinatrice du Department des Promotions Touristiques and Christian Fombrun, Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort


Day 1 of the second the roadshow was launched at First Republic Lounge located at 1204 East Grand Street in Elizabeth New Jersey. Many leaders and professionals from the Haitian community attended the event and they demonstrated great interest in what the presenters had to say.

Pascale Hilaire Coordinator of Touristic Promotions at the Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries delivered a powerful and clear presentation which facilitated the audience members to fully grasp the work being done by the current Haitian government to attract visitors. I was intrigued by how, in her presentation, she captured the rich Haitian culture and shared proof that Haiti’s doors are open and ready to welcome all visitors. Haiti has improved in several ways in order to accommodate visitors said Ms. Hilaire. The audience were presented with what await guests once they arrived in Haiti. Politour which is a police force in Haiti trained specifically to service the touristic area. The gastronomy of Haiti is a key factor for tourist. One can truly experience Haiti through its food. Jose Andres a chef who recently experienced Haiti in a documentary called Undiscovered Haiti, had nothing but great reviews from the Haitian cuisine. The have been a number of flights added to Haiti’s route including a long awaited American Airlines flight to Cap-Haitien, Haiti. However, among all these factors, the warm welcome and the hospitality of the people of Haiti is the very best the country has to offer.

Members of the hotel industry of Haiti also participated in the roadshow. Elsa Sammartano, Director of Sales and Marketing of Marriott Haiti  shared the many amenities offer by the major chain hotel who opened their doors back in March 2015. As I was watching Ms. Sammartano speak with the members of the New Jersey community I sensed the appreciation she developed for the country. As a resident in Haiti for just about a year now, the French native confessed to have had several misconceptions about the island mostly about safety. Hence, after just a few days she realized that tourists should have safety as the least of their worries. First hand she lived the opposite of the misconceptions she previously heard about the country.

Also on the New Jersey roadshow is Emmanuelle Buteau. Ms. Buteau represented Buteau Hospitality which is a family company which manage Karibe Hotel, Kinam Hotel and Serve Hotel. The family dedicated their entire career to develop hotels in Haiti. They support local professional services, farmers, product and arts in order to contribute in the sustainability of Haiti.

Ultimately Christain Fombrun the Director of Sales at the brand new Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort took on the road to share this grand premier. For the very first time the island of Haiti will have its first all-inclusive resort. The 408 room resort is set to open its doors in December. The list of entertainment and enjoyment in the resort will be epic and it will surely increase the number of tourist in country rapidly.  Mr. Anel Jeanty won a 4 day 5 night stay during a raffle at the event. Mr. Fombrun launched an open invitation to the audience and many wants to see first-hand by visiting the resort.

The roadshow is a real eye opener for the Haitian Diaspora and friends of Haiti. The stop in Elizabeth New Jersey was a success and Haiti is open to welcome its visitors.


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