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Sunday 25 August 2019
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Sarah Augustave, Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn June 25 & 26

Introducing Sarah Augustave, an upcoming fashion designer located in Brooklyn, New York . Ms. Augustave is a graduate of the renowned Parsons School of Fashion who doubled major in
Fashion Design and Psychology. After working in the field of social services, this young talent has decided to fully embark on her fashion journey. Having a keen eye for ornate pattern and fierce designs, her motto resonates in every stitch of her pieces.

The body is a canvas and through fashion, we express emotion.” 

Ms. Augustave will be launching her pop up shop  Thursday June 25th and Friday June 26th in Brooklyn, NY. Use promo code, LAUNCH, to order an original piece by Ms. Augustave herself on her website, www.sarahaugustave.comSarah Augustave . Be sure to follow this talented young designer on Instagram IG @shopsav_ and Facebook: SAV by Sarah Augustave.